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Prominent conservative columnist and former Palin supporter Kathleen Parker called for Sarah Palin to resign from the Republican ticket. Even a conservative columnist and former Palin supporter is saying it: Palin is far from Vice-Presidential material. Can you sign our petition asking her to resign? Full petition statement:

Governor Palin, for the good of the country, please step down as John McCain's running mate.

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Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving."

—Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"And I am especially proud to say in the week we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage [that she is] a devoted, a devoted wife and mother of five."
—John McCain introducing Sarah Palin

"If this doesn't resonate with every woman in America, I'll eat my hat."
—Alaska delegate Bill Noll on Sarah Palin

Dear Bill, get ready to eat your hat. —The Eds.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Women say NO – Part 23

"Unless our conception of patriotism is progressive, it cannot hope to embody the real affection and the real interest of the nation."
—Jane Addams

Can you imagine facing the possible meltdown of the world-wide financial system with Sarah Palin as our President? Field-dressing a moose and shuttling your kid to hockey practices, even running the State of Alaska, does not equip you to determine whether or not to bail out AIG. We need the smartest, most capable people in place to get us out of the mess we're in—and Sarah Palin isn't one of them.
-Katie R., 44, Los Altos, CA

I am 65 years old, never a feminist, but a woman who cherishes the rights and freedoms that we have earned to date and need to see strengthened and enhanced. Like many others, I am appalled that McCain thinks any woman will fit the bill…country first? What is this 72 year old guy thinking…or is he? His age and quickly bowing to the powers of the right is disgusting! His choice of Palin reflects his loss of integrity.
-Lindarose B., 65

I find the appointment of Sarah Palin to be the running mate for John McCain insulting. Mrs. Palin does not possess the education, experience or judgment to become Commander-in-Chief if that should become necessary. Senator McCain must have an extraordinary contempt for the American people to be willing to have a person so unqualified to be Vice President on his ticket that he would actually think Americans would not see this for the pandering it is. Perhaps in another time this pandering would be acceptable but with the economic situation, the fact that we are at war, etc., makes this choice almost an act of treason. Senator McCain and Ms. Palin will not be getting my vote or my husband’s vote or my two sons vote or my three daughters votes.
-Kathleen P., 62, Ohio

By selecting someone as inexperienced, incompetent, and intolerant as Sarah Palin, John McCain shows that he has no true concern for his nation or its citizens. He’s older and not in the best health, yet he doesn’t care if his choice means that America stands a good chance of being governed by such an inappropriate and flatly frightening person. Ladies, gentlemen: We’re not voting for someone like ourselves, who drives to soccer games or likes a beer with the guys. We’re voting for the most intelligent, able person we can find. Those people are not John McCain or Sarah Palin. One more thought: I’m tired of people who are actually anti-choice being called pro-life. No one is truly pro-life who enjoys shooting defenseless timber wolves from an airplane and draping her office couch with a huge bear skin.
-Anne B., 61, Arlington, VA

This is another pretty, glib, wealthy woman who really has no interest, much less an idea, of real women. She has set us all back years. My entire opinion of John McCain has changed since he selected her. Truly qualified Republican woman should be aghast and insulted. Let us begin her defeat.
-Merle M., Huntington Beach, CA

I cannot believe John McCain could be so irresponsible to pick such an unqualified woman for the most important possible job in this country. Especially with our critical economic crisis at this time... Even if he were to be President, he has admitted in the past that he knows nothing about economics. Our country is in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and to think that a young woman who has no education beyond a B.A degree, and never even had a Passport until 2006 could tackle this enormous job is absolutely ridiculous!
-Gigi M.

This woman in NO way speaks for me, my generation, my status as a mother, my status as a mother of an enlisted soldier or just a fellow human being. She stands for all of the things that women should guard against.
-Natalie M., 46, Paxton, MA

We have had eight years under Bush where decisions were made based on what our President would like to believe rather than on the hard facts. With Ms. Palin second in command, we risk again having such a leader. You need only look at the failures of this administration to see why Ms. Palin is such a theat to the future well being of our great country.
-Bonnie M., 61, California

While England, Israel, Argentina and Sri Lanka are just a few countries who have had women heads of state. America is well behind in our ability to access women as equals. This present nomination is clearly indicative that men still view women as a "trophy." ... As Vice President, especially to a 72 year old President, it is essential that this person be ready to step into the President's chair seamlessly. Palin is not able to address the complex dangers of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, or Pakistan. I guarantee that she is just as confused about the Shites and Sunnis then her running mate. She is not experienced enough or knowledgeable enough to address the economic and social disasters that have to be redressed in order for the United States to regain their footing on the world stage... Women are ready and able to lead this country. It simply isn't Sarah.
-M.L.L.E. Arant

As an American woman and voter, I firmly oppose Sarah Palin for the Vice Presidency. Her position on virtually every issue is contrary to what I believe to be in the best interest of the United States—which would be centrally focusing on development of alternative renewable energy, solving the huge economic crises, protecting the environment, valuing the separation of church and state. Palin has no significant foreign policy credentials in order to address this country's relationships with the rest of the world.
-Beverly M. ,71, Cleveland, OH

I'm a moderate, middle class, working mother and small business owner who has voted both Democrat and Republican over the past 24 years. Despite being a diligent voter, until this election I've never been politically active. I believe that McCain's choice of Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President is irresponsible. Regardless of where either McCain or Palin actually stand on the issues, putting anyone (man or woman) "one heartbeat from the presidency" who has so little leadership experience representing the large and diverse populations that comprise our country; anyone whose actual record of accomplishments are both uncertain and preliminary; and anyone who (admittedly) has so little understanding and knowledge of the major issues facing our nation – putting anyone like this so close to assuming one of the most powerful positions in the world is irresponsible. It is irresponsible because no matter how good Sarah Palin could be, she is not seasoned enough yet to be that effective and the result is that it will be others – who have not been elected – who will be calling the shots in the event that McCain, a 72 year old cancer survivor, cannot perform his duties. For a conservative's view on her lack of experience, read David Brook's NY Times 9/15/08 Op-Ed ) With this message I'm becoming politically active for the first time in my adult life. I'm walking door-to-door, calling my neighbors, emailing my friends. I'm asking YOU to think about what is important to you this November and I'm asking you to get active too in whatever way you can.
-Dana T., 46, Arlington, VA

If McCain's choice of a running mate is an example of his judgment, heaven help us if he is elected president.
-Dorothy R., Schuylerville, NY

It was very irresponsible on John McCain's part to offer up to the country a person who basically wouldn't know the first thing about governing this country and all its complexities. If this ticket wins, it's a disaster for all of us. It will be the end of USA as we know it.
-Margareta J.

As the first woman in Iowa to be allowed to join the Carpenters Local union, I know that a woman in a nontraditional job is hard to do. Sarah Palin does not stand for me. She does not know what it is like to truly fight for equality.
-Susan M., Winterset, IA

Sarah Palin has allowed inflated ambition and the seductions of potential position and power to subvert any common sense and reasoned reflection on her part. Her selection reflects cynicism about and contempt for the United States, as a country and as a people, the country's challenges, needs, and governance. If elected, she will continue to be the tool of those who do not have the best interests of OUR country at heart. If Sarah Palin was a true patriot, she would withdraw from the campaign.
-Andrea S., 63, Ellensburg, WA

The hype she has generated is especially troubling to me because the next administration will play a powerful role in shaping the Supreme Court for years to come. I fear that a woman's right to choose is in danger, that our wildlife refuges will be destroyed for a minimal supply of oil, that special interests will continue to take precendence over middle class Americans, that my children will not be educated about the wonders of evolution, and that our economy will continue to suffer from deregulation and an unwinable war. Most of all, I fear that a person with no international experience--someone who has only traveled to Canda and Mexico and never met a foreign leader--was chosen to be second in command for political propaganda. I urge all women to look beyond the one-liners and focus on what is important to them, their daughters, and their fellow Americans. Gov. Palin does not, and should not, represent me.
-Alexis S., 28, Colorado

I cannot vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. I was astounded when John McCain chose Palin as his running mate. If you possess any fear about subliminal terrorism then you should also harbor great concern that Palin's position is fundamentalist, extremist; and most bizarrely, anti-women's rights. Since John McCain in choosing Palin sends a clear message that they are like-minded in their philosophies and ideals.
-Wendy P., 49, FL

As a 56 year old married professional and homemaker I fear Sarah Palin almost as much as I would fear a fringe fundamentalist Muslim. She represents America's version of that narrow and extremist ideology, and is just as dangerous to our nation and the world. We need the best and the brightest navigating the future, whatever sex or race that may involve. I had supported Mrs. Clinton because of her brains and her values. Obama represents the same competencies, ethics and morals. Palin is a dangerous threat to our very freedom and future.
-Molly C., Los Angeles, CA

I am dismayed by the possibility that Sarah Palin might become either VP -- or even worse -- President of the US. She represents the opposite of all the values I hold dear. In Alaska she has already demonstrated cronyism, opposition to free speech, manipulativeness, and a gross disregard of established scientific conclusions re global warming and evolution. She is unprincipled. As a VP candidate she lies blatantly, & contradicts herself to fit the circumstances. She shows utter ignorance of the workings of the economy and foreign affairs, even the energy situation. Her "solutions" to complex issues are simplistic and dangerous. Worse, she substitutes blind fundamentalist religious faith for an intelligent ability to LEARN, to fill in the enormous gaps in her knowledge. Palin in the White House would be a disaster not only for the US but for the world, the planet.
-Jean B, age 79, Cambridge, MA

Sarah Palin has already demonstrated her contempt for the rule of law by disregarding the probe into her alleged abuse of power; that her appointee, Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg, is helping her in this, demonstrates not just contempt but cronyism as well. Leaders who simply ignore the laws which operate for everyone else, have gotten us energy policies we aren't able to probe, an unjustified war, and an unprecedented domestic survaillance program. We would like to believe that this chapter in our history will end with the exit of Bush and Cheney, but what little we know of Sarah Palin's current actions shows she sees nothing wrong with using her position both to get what she wants and to avoid reprecussions. We are already dealing with the fallout from leadership like hers. I shudder at the thought we could allow it again.
-Andrea L. Pinetop, AZ

This woman does not represent me or any of the women that I know in states all across the country. She represents the past, and we desperately need to move forward. She is not qualified to be president, should she be needed to be, so it is an insult to women that she was picked as a political maneuver.
-Daya K. age 59, Raleigh, NC

I am against Ms. Palin as Vice President of our USA. I know now for sure I will vote for Sen. Obama.
-Marjorie G., Vernal, UT.

I am a 49 year old woman who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
I in no way support the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President.
I do not believe she is qualified for the job.
I do not agree with her politics or values.
I do not believe she could in any way unite or lead our support our country effectively.
I see her nomination as a distraction from the real needs and issues of our country.
I find it alarming that she would consider herself capable of stepping into the role of Vice-President.
I find it alarming that the Republican Party would consider her capable of stepping into the role of Vice-President.

I find it disturbing that some people would vote for her just because she is female.
I find it disturbing that the people who endorse her seem to be engaged by the entertainment value of her nomination rather than because they believe she would make a good Vice-President.
-J. W. Traynor, 49, Atlanta, GA