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Prominent conservative columnist and former Palin supporter Kathleen Parker called for Sarah Palin to resign from the Republican ticket. Even a conservative columnist and former Palin supporter is saying it: Palin is far from Vice-Presidential material. Can you sign our petition asking her to resign? Full petition statement:

Governor Palin, for the good of the country, please step down as John McCain's running mate.

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Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving."

—Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"And I am especially proud to say in the week we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage [that she is] a devoted, a devoted wife and mother of five."
—John McCain introducing Sarah Palin

"If this doesn't resonate with every woman in America, I'll eat my hat."
—Alaska delegate Bill Noll on Sarah Palin

Dear Bill, get ready to eat your hat. —The Eds.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Republican Women Say NO - Part 4

As a Republican who believed in the GOP when it really represented conservative values, I am stunned and ashamed that John McCain decided to run a campaign with a person who has been caught in lie after lie from the beginning, ones that he himself has repeated. It is unbelievable to me that someone of so little consequence could actually represent intelligent people. I think the Republican Party must have been so desperate for someone exciting that they didn't look any farther than her face. And they're complaining about unfair treatment for Sara Palin? I guess they forgot about their own treatment of Hillary Clinton. Ms. Palin jumped in the water with the sharks, so she can expect to get bitten.
-Marti R. from a Red State

As a Republican, I was cautiously optimistic until Sarah Palin's selection. As a single mother, former Army sergeant, but foremost as an American, my whole-hearted support will now go to Obama/Biden as the best course for my country. Sarah Palin's political views represent the absolute worst and most dangerous course this country could take. That she navigated some political waters in the past with a modicum of success has failed to keep her from becoming the Republican Party's next puppet and McCain (her puppet master) couldn't be more of a disappointment once again.
-Elizabeth C.

As a Republican, I am appalled that McCain has picked Palin as his running mate. It's like his campaign committee sat around a table and said, "Hey, who is that women governor of Alaska...what's her name? Let's put her on the ticket. That'll get us some women votes!" It's the final nail in the coffin. I have officially declared my switching to the other side.....Vote for Obama!
-Susan Z., 56, Sarasota, FL

As a republican woman, I stand firmly AGAINST the decision to pick Sarah Palin as Vice President. She sets women back decades, and stands against everything this country has worked so hard for.
-Kaitlin T., 24, Ashburn, VA

Although I registered as a Republican this year, as a woman I cannot vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. I do not believe the choosing of Sarah Palin as running mate is a step forward for women. Someone who does not protect mother Earth has no right calling herself a woman before other women… Putting profit before planet is the same old song and dance.

I am registered as a Republican but will not vote for this ticket in November. As I understand it, it was under Sarah Palin that it became legal to hunt wolves from aircraft in Alaska. This is a horrific sport. Hunting for food is fine, but killing or maiming an animal and leaving it to suffer for sport is unconscionable.
-Wendy B., 51, Lehigh Acres, FL

I am concerned about both Sarah Palin, a relatively inexperienced Governor who stands for issues and beliefs diametrically opposed to mine, and John McCain. There were other times during which I would have considered McCain as a Republican I might be able to support. Now, however, I feel he has sold his soul to the conservative segment of his party. We can ill afford to elect him, since he is making it apparent that if elected he would continue the policies of the current administration.
-Eileen S., Connecticut

I cannot believe that the Republicans picked a virtual unknown to run for Vice President… She does not represent me as a woman in any way, shape, or form; and as a Republican, I am going to cross over to the other side and vote for the Obama ticket. Sorry, Republicans, but I no longer vote on a straight ticket. As Mark Twain said, "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it."
-Barb, Denver, CO

I think the American women will be served a great injustice if McCain/Palin get control of our country. Our rights are going to be taken away, and our daughters may be thrown back into the dark ages... McCain/Palin will NOT get my vote!
-Dee L., formerly registered as a Republican, Illinois

I do not support the nomination of Sarah Palin as Vice-President on the Republican ticket. She is against nearly everything that I stand for, particularly as the mother of two daughters and grandmother of a granddaughter. In fact, I will not be voting as a Republican in November, but as a concerned citizen of the United States, which I love.
-Patricia A., Maryland