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Prominent conservative columnist and former Palin supporter Kathleen Parker called for Sarah Palin to resign from the Republican ticket. Even a conservative columnist and former Palin supporter is saying it: Palin is far from Vice-Presidential material. Can you sign our petition asking her to resign? Full petition statement:

Governor Palin, for the good of the country, please step down as John McCain's running mate.

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Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving."

—Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"And I am especially proud to say in the week we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage [that she is] a devoted, a devoted wife and mother of five."
—John McCain introducing Sarah Palin

"If this doesn't resonate with every woman in America, I'll eat my hat."
—Alaska delegate Bill Noll on Sarah Palin

Dear Bill, get ready to eat your hat. —The Eds.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Republican Women Say NO - Part 2

McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate is insulting to women and a reckless choice. Though a Republican, I cannot support this choice and look forward to voting for Obama in November.
-Joan W, Vero Beach, FL

I agree there should be no McCain/Palin for our country. I have been a lifelong Republican since the days of Kennedy and Nixon but this year McCain was nominated, and then he picked Palin—it's beyond belief! I do not like him at all, as I remember when he was involved in the "Keating Five," which is the reason he went after Campaign Finance Reform. I just can't believe he is still a senator... McCain knew he could not win on experience so he chose Palin as an agent of change—and change she is. A big change for the worst if they get in. She will bring this country down more than it already is. Her belief in the issues are too extreme for me. I pray they do not get in.
-Jan P., Massachusetts

I am a 72-year-old woman who has been a Republican for most of my life. I find the choice of Sarah Palin to be Vice President the most upsetting. I was thinking of voting for Obama, now I am for sure.
-M. M.

As a registered Republican, I cannot even think about voting for a woman like Sarah Palin on the ballot. We are just one heart attack from this far-right person who does not believe in separation of church and state. The US was founded on freedom of religion and speech. Not a gun-toting person who says she believes in censorship.
-L. F., Portland, OR

I am a registered Republican but will vote Democrat for Obams and Biden. Please note, I am not in favor of Sarah Palin for Vice President or any other US Office. She is a scary person with absolutely no smarts about our world and foreign affairs ... it makes my head spin that McCain would subject this woman to the public for elected office. I do not believe that McCain will be able to complete a term, if elected, and the result of having Sarah Palin for President is appalling and very, very scary. I was not in support of Hillary but at this time she looks like one of the most intelligent persons available to do a good job.
-Carol C., San Diego and Ensenada, CA

I am a 62-year-old woman, a former republican (now an independent - thanks to GWB), a mother, wife of over 40 years, a non-religious Christian (yes, there is such a thing because religion seems to have very little to do with true Christ-like behavior), a career woman yada-yada. The fact that Sarah Palin could be a heartbeat away from being President of the USA is terrifying. She is the antithisis of who I believe should be in the White House. Her views on energy, choice, the environment alone show her remarkable lack understanding. I haven't heard her utter one intelligent word on the economy. She is a disaster. Shame on McCain!
Elizabeth G., 62, Half Moon Bay, CA