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Prominent conservative columnist and former Palin supporter Kathleen Parker called for Sarah Palin to resign from the Republican ticket. Even a conservative columnist and former Palin supporter is saying it: Palin is far from Vice-Presidential material. Can you sign our petition asking her to resign? Full petition statement:

Governor Palin, for the good of the country, please step down as John McCain's running mate.

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Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving."

—Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"And I am especially proud to say in the week we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage [that she is] a devoted, a devoted wife and mother of five."
—John McCain introducing Sarah Palin

"If this doesn't resonate with every woman in America, I'll eat my hat."
—Alaska delegate Bill Noll on Sarah Palin

Dear Bill, get ready to eat your hat. —The Eds.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Women say NO - Part 11

Ms. Palin's views are completely opposite from the ideals most women have regarding our culture today. I would just love to see a debate between Sarah and Hillary. Wow, wouldn't that be something!
–Nancy S., 75, New York

Democracy means good government that serves and protects its citizens through health care, job opportunities, a stable and thriving economy, a fair judicial system, and retirement and consumer protections. It also means a government that opens up possibilities and empowers all of us, to build a better quality of life for our children.
Tela Z., 69, Williamstown, MA

I am shocked and appalled that the republican party chose Sarah Palin for Vice President. Everything Ms. Palin stands for, except being a hockey mom, I cannot relate with and makes no sense in my life context. I speak as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a breadwinner, and as a much-needed volunteer in our crazy public school system...
Carol J., 45, Chicago IL

As a Senator Hillary Clinton supporter, I was exceedingly disappointed in the results of the primary, as were many thoughtful, involved women in our great country. Presumably Mr. McCain and his advisers believe that they will win the independents, undecided and the women who would have voted for Hillary by selecting a woman as the VP nominee. What a foolish ploy. It insults the intelligence of women in that we will not vote gender alone and Ms.Palin's track record is certainly not one that upholds the ideology of the Clinton would-be voters.
–Gale J., Scranton, PA

Sarah Palin is the Clarence Thomas of this election: selected solely for her demographic attributes
, despite the fact that she opposes all issues that are important to American families. Her lack of experience, her closed-mindedness, and her willingness to be John McCain's pitbull are appalling qualifications for a Vice Presidential candidate. McCain has demonstrated his contempt for the American people by selecting Sarah Palin. I'm hopeful that the voters will reject the politics of nasty sound bites by voting against the Republican ticket in November.
–Peggy K., 59, Glencoe, IL

I have nothing against Sarah Palin but she is the EXACT opposite of what the followers of Hillary respected about her long run for the White House. We won't vote for an empty skirt.
–Marcia B., Mamroneck, NY

This assumption relieves Sen. McCain and his supporters of the burden of viewing women as thinking, sentient beings fully equal to men. Instead of an acknowledgment of equality, John McCain's choice is pandering of the cheapest and most obvious kind and has cost him the respect of women across the globe. Obviously, the man is threatened by strong, capable women with proven credentials or he'd have chosen one of the many thoroughly qualified women representing his party in Washington.
–Jo M., Ypsilanti, Michigan

While I, personally, find the idea of having an abortion slightly repulsive, I also have never been in the situation where I would have had to consider one. I, luckily, had a first-rate education with sex ed, I have amazing parents who taught me well and are supportive, but I am not so stupid as to believe that others have been afforded the same. I have never been in the situation where I've been raped and become pregnant; I have never been married, had nine children, and have broken down in tears when finding out I'm pregnant with my tenth like my grandmother did - which drove her to become an alcoholic.
–Emily R., 28, Amherst, MA