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Governor Palin, for the good of the country, please step down as John McCain's running mate.

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Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving."

—Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"And I am especially proud to say in the week we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage [that she is] a devoted, a devoted wife and mother of five."
—John McCain introducing Sarah Palin

"If this doesn't resonate with every woman in America, I'll eat my hat."
—Alaska delegate Bill Noll on Sarah Palin

Dear Bill, get ready to eat your hat. —The Eds.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Texas Mom says: Thank You Sarah Palin

I would like to take a moment thank Sarah Palin. I would like to thank her for being a perfect example for my bright and creative 11 year old daughter.
Thank you, Sarah, for helping open a dialog between us to discuss the mockery of pseudo-equality and the men who hide behind a woman, putting her in a leadership role not because she exemplifies the qualities of a leader but because she *is* a woman and their denial of their own misogyny demands they nominate a figurehead with breasts.

Thank you, Sarah, for illustrating so perfectly for my ambitious 5th grader how wrong things go when one participates in spreading ugly rumors and for making my point that what you don't stand up against is just as bad as what you spread yourself.
Thank you, Sarah, for giving my intuitive and perfect girl a glimpse of understanding into how much she could lose if she allows someone else to make her decisions for her - she's already her own advocate for access to sex education, prevention and choice for both herself and for any vicitimized woman/girl who would suffer under your preferred policies on women's reproductive rights, because even a child is horrified at the thought that suffering an attack or abuse could lead to the additional mandatory mental anguish of 9 more months of suffering.
Thank you for being an example of insensitivity in office and inability to empathize with victims of atrocities.

Thank you, Gov. Palin, for being a great example that people in power can make statements opposite of the truth in an effort to put money ahead of global good since she's already understanding that no amount of money made in oil fields can insure the promise of a planet to live on for her future children.

Thank you, Gov. Palin, for being the ideal example of how maliciousness, pettiness, manipulativeness, and viciousness can hide behind an appealing, friendly smile and look and sound a lot like people you can trust.
You've been the best example I could ask for to give her the tools to evaluate the actions of someone and their effects on those around them over how they sound, what they look like, and who their friends are.

As a woman, a mom, a troop leader, a rare disease patient, a volunteer religious educator, a community activist, a believer in humanity, a struggling environmentalist, and most importantly - as a human - I do thank you, but now I want you to go back to AK and stop giving us both nightmares. Please.

-Dawn M., 31, Cedar Park, TX

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Watch the Webathon of your Letters Here!

Dear readers,

The live video is up and streaming right now at Real Women Respond to Palin.

Your letters are being read LIVE from 1 to 9pm (EST).



Lyra & Quinn

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video: Your Letters Live! October 30th

Dear Readers,

We are excited to announce that on Thursday, October 30th, from 1 to 9 pm EST, a live webathon (internet streamed video) will be broadcast that features American women reading your letters.

As part of the website Real Women Respond to Palin, dozens of women will read from the hundreds of thousands of letters you have sent in over the past two months, which eloquently and convincingly argue why Sarah Palin does not represent you, and is an unprepared and dangerously divisive candidate.

As some of you may know, your letters on this website have received national and international attention, with articles running in the Washington Post, the New York Observer, the Huffington Post, and abroad in London's Guardian, Paris's Le Monde, ZDF Television in Germany, and the Go Africa television broadcast in 16 African countries.

The world has been very interested in what American women have had to say about Sarah Palin, and your voices are one of the places they turn to.

Please tune in tomorrow either on this website, or on Real Women Respond to Palin, to watch your letters and sentiments expressed on video. The webathon has been produced by Kathryn Velvel Jones, an American woman who received our initial email, and quickly decided that she had to do something to advance our cause. Thank you, Kathryn!

And thank all of you for sounding the alarm that has rung around the world!

-Lyra & Quinn

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Anchorage Daily and the Financial Times say: OBAMA

It was no surprise when newspapers like the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times endorsed Obama/Biden. But yesterday, Alaska's own Anchorage Daily News joined in. While they applaud Gov. Palin for her work in drawing national attention to the 49th state, they wrote:

"Gov. Palin's nomination clearly alters the landscape for Alaskans as we survey this race for the presidency -- but it does not overwhelm all other judgment. The election, after all is said and done, is not about Sarah Palin, and our sober view is that her running mate, Sen. John McCain, is the wrong choice for president at this critical time for our nation."

Then the conservative Financial Times came out yesterday as well for Obama, writing:

"McCain has offered risk-taking almost as his chief qualification, but gambles do not always pay off. His choice of Sarah Palin as running mate, widely acknowledged to have been a mistake, is an obtrusive case in point. Rashness is not a virtue in a president."

To read these endorsements in their entirety, please link to ADN and FT.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Already voted!

October 6 was the first day for early voting in Indiana. I took the day off from work to drive to Danville and cast my vote for Obama/Biden. There was just a small line in quiet, Republican Hendricks County, IN, but the lines have since grown. I still have fears of votes being lost or not counted. As a mother and grandmother, the idea of a McCain/Palin victory is more than I can bear. I volunteered to be a poll worker on Election Day and am being as vigilant as possible, during this most important election of my lifetime.
-Patricia C., IN

I went to vote early here in the middle of the morning, the line was already 1 and a 1/2 hours long! In the afternoon it was over 2 hours long! We are PASSIONATE about this race here in Georgia and we are standing in line for hours, weeks before voting day, to get our vote in. The goal? To "Turn Georgia Blue!"
-Cole, Georgia

While I did not vote in a booth early, I did however send in my absentee ballot the same day I got it. With any election, I feared my vote might get misplaced or lost all together but it's the risk I'm willing to take to make sure it counts on time. I voted in the 2004 Presidential election in a booth and when I left, the attendees were talking about how they thought they lost a few votes with a malfunction. I'll never forget that. I was devastated. I barely noticed Palin's name or any other Republican name for that matter. After a long struggle of giving up my dream of a Hillary ticket, I was so excited to be placing my vote for Obama/Biden!!
-Amanda, 27, Tacoma, WA

Friday, October 24, 2008

Early Bird Special


Dear Readers,

With many states—Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico, among them—now open for early voting, it has been predicted that more than one-third of American voters will cast their vote before Election Day this year. We can't help but be envious, as our state does not have such a policy. But in light of the states that do—crucial swing states included—we'd like to invite you to write us letters about your experience casting your early vote for president in 2008.

What was it like?
What were your feelings leaving your voting booth? Empowerment, hope, fear?
How was voting this year different than when you last voted, in 2004 or at any other time?
How did seeing Sarah Palin's name in the booth affect you?

We can't help but be interested, and we are sure that our many of our readers are too.

Lyra & Quinn

P.S. And for those of you voting November 4th, like us, we hope you'll send us your stories so that we can post them too.

With Two Weeks To Go, Floridian Women Say NO

I guess I'm the typical woman the McCain campaign must have thought would be attracted to Sarah Palin's candidacy, since I am 65, worked for years in the corporate world and was a single mother of three. However, I am also a feminist, an environmentalist, a pro-choice believer in the separation of church and state, anti-gun, pro animal, and profoundly disturbed by this woman who is so blatantly working against everything I have fought for my whole life. Palin does NOT speak for me, and I am doing everything in my power to help elect Obama.
-Lola S., 65, St. Augustine, FL

I sincerely believe that if Sarah Palin were to be elected, it would set the women's movement back a hundred years—not to mention our civilization.
-Elaine S., 65, Roseland, FL

As in "McCain is Pale-in comparison?" "Bush with heels and lip gloss?" Exactly who will be running the country? Palin's the ultimate flip flopper, as in today I'm in favor of and will vote for this bill, but tomorrow I say, it's bad. She sounds like a teenager with less knowledge and common sense than many of those. Sarah Palin wants more power than Cheney - as Biden said, the most dangerous veep ever?
"Thanks, but no thanks!"
-Diana M., 70 yrs old and proud of it, Miami, FL

I am against Sarah Palin’s values. One must live how they preach!
M. G., Delray Beach, FL

I am furious that the Republican Party would think for even one second that I would cast my "female vote" for Sarah Palin. Why would I even think to vote for anyone, male OR female, who opposes almost every simgle cause/belief that I hold dear? She is completely underqualified! Seeing her elected with McCain would make me feel embarrassed to be an American and a woman... I am through cutting her any slack simply because she's a woman.... I wouldn't support any candidate who has that ridiculous track record! Whether or not the candidate is male or female, our Vice President must be intelligent, experienced, and wise.... and Sarah Palin hasn't shown me any of these qualities.
-Laura H. Miami, FL

The selection of Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice Presidental Nominee is an insult to the women of this country. I speak to her qualifications for the second-highest office in this country. She is a cute woman, fun to watch run up the gangplank with such theatrics, presents a charming photo op with her baby strapped to her chest, and certainly makes the old man's heart beat faster. But none of these qualifications are needed as vice president. Many watching this charade would think her selection a joke, but the possible outcome is too serious. There are many women who have accomplished much, are well educated, well spoken, and would have been a welcome addition to the ticket. It is preposterous to envision Mrs. Palin's succeeding to the presidency. Intelligent, serious women who love this country are appalled and chagrinned that such a travesty could be foist upon them. Mrs. Palin's appeal to the hockey moms is understandable, but the game which she would enter if the McCain/Palin ticket were to prevail is too dangerous to imagine.
-J. M., 71, Florida

Sarah Palin does not represent the majority of women as her views are a direct opposite to all that women have worked so hard to achieve. If you read "The Handmaid's Tale" you would find several answers as to why Ms Palin has accepted the position of VP. By accepting the position on the GOP ticket despite her astonishing lack of qualifications, Palin signaled that she was prepared to be used - on the basis of her sex alone - in exchange for the promise of status and power. Surely a majority of women have not decided to abdicate all they have achieved in exchange for being used? I know that this woman has not!
-Julia H., 65, Florida/Texas Native

I am glad to see so many of my feelings reflected in these posts. I believe they are echoing the feelings of the majority of the women in this country. We have worked our whole lives to NOT be like Palin, we have worked to be educated, respectful and well-spoken. What a woman in her position should be representing are the values set forth by the last 30 years of women before us. As a gen-xer, it is my mother's generation that paved the way for women to have what we have today, including Palin. We have reaped most of the rewards that our foremothers fought for all their lives. She more than anyone should realize this and act accordingly. She is only where she is because of our mothers/women fighting men like McCain. She is not appropriate for the job, and most of us women out here "like her" (professional, career minded) actually are quite offended at her nomination. The general rule of thumb is to handle your life with "dignity and grace" - she does neither. I am quite sick of her repeated, canned speeches and how she plays the military card with her son. She responds to hecklers who give her the opportunity to speak of her son, but yet keeps quiet at shouts of real violence. It surprised me to see, in her video, that she appeared to support Obama before being selected as McCains running mate. McCain's obvious view of the ERA, according to news reports regarding women in combat, only reinforces his demeaning oppression of women. He overlooked many, many qualified women, and we should all be insulted, but not surprised, that this is what McCain believes represents the United States.
-Kescia, Palm Harbor, FL

There is little I can say that others haven't already said. I never, ever want to say anything bad about another woman but I fear so much for our country, our Constitution and our daughters and sons, that I have to say: this woman is not acceptable to me as the vice-presidential candidate. What can I mention? the girls who will lose their rights to choose their best health options; the loss of privacy; environmental problems; so much more; and the wolves - who will speak for them? I also don't want McCain as president. We have a choice of quality in Barack Obama and we should, we must pick him.
-Bonnie A., Miami, FL

I don't think Palin has a good grasp of international issues. Alaska politics are not the same as US politics. She tends to put forth a very scripted, nonspontaneous persona. In an international confrontation, I think she would tend to display a kick-ass & take-names-later attitude. Haven't we gotten ourselves into one hell of a mess with this mentality for the past eight years? We need a more diplomatic, cool-headed approach & new ideas to face the current international & economic issues in America & abroad.
-Sincerely in need of change, Donna E., Florida

Being a woman does not qualify one to be second-in-command of this great country; neither does being physically attractive and/or comfortable in front of a camera. Palin's other qualifications do not impress this woman.
-Diane T., Tallahassee, FL

She is totally unprepared to be #2 of the world's greatest superpower, much less #1 if the worst happens.
-Maria O., 57, Miami, FL

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Floridian Woman Says NO—"There are so many reasons"

There are so many reasons to oppose Sarah Palin as a Vice-Presidential candidate, I am not sure where to begin. First and foremost, before knowing much of anything about her personally at all, I was appalled and insulted by the McCain campaign’s selection of this hard-lined conservative woman. It was immediately obvious as pandering to women, and also pandering to a sub-set of extremely conservative, Evangelical Christian Republicans that were not enthusiastic about John McCain in the first place. It seemed, and continues to seem, as this campaign wears on, that John McCain exercised absolutely no judgment, and did exercise complete impulsiveness by choosing her. After learning more about her positions on the issues that are not only important to the country as a whole, but to women in particular, I began to feel terrified about what this woman would do with the power of the Presidency. I mean no disrespect to anyone from Alaska, but Alaska is hardly a microcosm of our country. She does not possess the worldliness, education, and exposure to be able to represent the country at large. Her acquired political and representative skills only (and barely) allow her to represent a minute fraction of people in this country. Her views on women’s rights are so backward-looking that we, and our daughters, are in danger if she is allowed to govern us.

Frankly, the more I see of her in the media, which of course has been completely scripted, edited, dictated, and minimal, the more positive I am that she was a terrible choice for the Republican ticket, and I am beginning to feel sorry for her. I thought she was a very tough and condescending speaker when she gave her speech at the RNC convention, but upon direct examination and questioning, she is painful to watch. I am hopeful that I am not the only one who realizes how blatantly unprepared she is for the world stage of presidential politics and world leadership. And I am worried that her performance will also be used against women in the future of politics. After watching her fumble the few interviews she has given, I am confused about how she managed to actually become a governor of a state.

There are many more worldy, educated, and experienced Republican women politicians that could have been chosen as running mate for John McCain. Those women should be terribly insulted that they were passed over for this lightweight. She was never chosen to be seen as John McCain’s equal. This proves to me without a doubt that the Republican Party does not respect women or put the best interests of women in their platform. Women continue to serve only as tools and ornaments for them.
-Tamara D., 39, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

American Women Endorse Obama/Biden

Dear Readers,

In the past two weeks, newspapers across America have begun endorsing the Obama/Biden ticket in unprecedented numbers. From the Houston Chronicle and the Austin American-Statesman in Texas to Cleveland's Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon-Journal in Ohio, and including newspapers like the Denver Post, the Salt Lake Tribune, New Mexico’s Las Cruces Sun-News, Raleigh's News & Observer, the Orlando Sentinel, Alabama's Tuscaloosa News, Kentucky's Lexington Herald-Leader, the Chicago Tribune, and the Idaho Statesman, the call for the Democratic candidates has been resounding and clear.

Like some of you, many of these newspapers endorsed Bush/Cheney in 2000 and 2004. And like you, they have had enough. Eight years of the Republican Party's disastrous domestic and foreign policies—including a debilitating disregard of the needs of the working and the middle class, the very Americans who elected them twice, and where so many of us reside—have caused them to say: Enough.

So with their ringing endorsements of the Obama/Biden ticket, we are going to add your own. Below are your voices, the voices of American women who have written to us—passionately and conclusively—about not just why they say NO to Sarah Palin, but why they will say YES to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in less than two weeks.


Lyra & Quinn


Your letter brilliantly spells out why we MUST vote for Obama. Kudos to McCain for picking a partner that is deflecting all attention away from him and his hideous proposals on the war in Iraq, environment, women’s and gay rights, etc ad nauseum. A vote for Palin is a vote against a future for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.
-Louise C., Media, PA

My name is Sheri Adams, and I will support the Obama/Biden ticket. In the name of Hillary Clinton, Claire McCaskil, Kay Barnes, Kathleen Sebelius and other strong and intelligent women politicians, I would encourage all women to support Obama/Biden!
-Sheri A., Blue Springs, MO

First and foremost…Sarah Palin does not represent women! After watching the Vice-Presidential debate it made me even more adamant in my decision to vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Biden is very clear on his position and in past tenure’s the vice-president has not done anything outstanding for our country. I firmly believe that Joe Biden will do a lot for this country.
-Amanda C., 21, Woonsocket, RI

I am truly appalled by the campaign tactics of John McCain and Sarah Palin. I think the approach they're taking shows the weakness of their platform and ultimately, of their characters. That said, I don't think Sarah Palin and John McCain as a team are progressive or humane enough to heal our country. I do think this country needs a thoughtful, empathetic, eloquent and dignified statesman as president, and that person would be Barack Obama.
-Donna P.

Sara Palin does not represent me, a mother, grandmother and activist for environmental causes, civil liberties, and equal rights for over 40 years. Let's continue to say "yes" to the individuals who will really go to bat for us, i.e., Obama and Biden. For once, we have two men who understand and respect and appreciate women.
Venita V., Ashland, OR

I think Palin is a shrewd politician who has simply jumped on the evangelical train, if you will. But I won't reward the Republicans with my vote because they don't deserve it, as the last eight years has demonstrated. Go Obama!
-Brenda L., 62, Raleigh, NC

I believe Sarah Palin is the absolute WORST person anyone could have picked to run our country. I am appalled at the audacity to think that just because she is a woman that most women would vote for McCain/Palin. Anyone thinking she is a viable candidate should have their head examined, let alone be running for the presidency. Obama all the way!
-Laura B., 51, Valley Forge, PA

Sarah Palin's actions in office, to date, show her disrespect for her state and for the rule of law. Is this whom Republicans think can backstop McCain, and if worst comes to worst, can guide and support this country? Think Supreme Court nominations, foreign policy efforts to relieve worldwide tensions, not to mention this country's descent into the abyss of recession/depression. Dear God, save us from this cynical selection to be vice president under a Republican administration. What better reason to vote for the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama!
-Ellen J., 81, Vancouver, WA

It's rather easy to articulate why I think Sarah Palin is a bad choice for the second-most-important office in our country. She is arrogant and egomaniacal, and I find her demeanor to be heartless. Of course, I don't know her personally, so I can't really say who she is or what is in her heart, but her demeanor seems to be ego-centered. I suppose that is a pre-requisite for a politician in some ways, but I don't get that with Barack Obama at all. When I see Obama speak and read what he has written in his books, I find him to be compassionate and deeply spiritual with a heart of gold. A vote for Obama is a vote FOR America!
-Tonya F., Seattle, WA.

No to Sarah Palin, Ya to Obama!
-Diane K., 57, Richton Park, IL

I have closely listened to and watch Sarah Palin during the past few weeks to evaluate her as the possible Vice President candidate - and the eventual successor to John McCain after he completes his Presidency. I have now made the determination that I cannot and will not support Sarah Palin under any circumstances. I have now decided to vote for Barack Obama. I think that he and Joe Biden have infinitely more qualified and capable of assuming the White House and this economy - and I also have decided that I much prefer Michelle Obama to Cindy McCain as the First Lady of our land. I am 64 years old and was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. I believe the Clinton years were our best years - and I look forward to getting back to a Democratic Presidency - and a Presidency that does not include Sarah Palin as the Vice President.
-Jeanne G., 64

I am an American woman, age 54, living and working abroad in Italy. I have already cast my absentee ballot for Obama/Biden. Sarah Palin has accomplished some things in her life for which she should proud. Although, I am a single mom and raised 2 children, Ms. Palin in NO way represents me either as an American or as a woman. I find her too inexperienced in the capacity of vice president, plus I feel she projects a very narrow minded political and life view point to the rest of the world. One thing for sure, folks in Italy find it difficult to believe there is a chance that the McCain/Palin ticket can win this election. They often ask me, why American voters would even consider voting for them.
-Holly, 54

An Ohio Woman Says NO—"Praying that she doesn't get in"

As a 60-year-old woman, I would like to say that Sarah Palin does not represent anything that I find sacred or good in women. She incites people to become violent (as in her speeches against Obama) and her speeches do not bring great expectations for a future for our country but only fear—fear of a black man becoming President.

I live in a small town in Ohio, near Youngstown, where many of our companies have either gone out of business or sent overseas. I do not hear any ideas from Palin about what John McCain will do for us, only cruel remarks from a person who professes to be a mother. Where is her caring about what happens to us? I believe John McCain made the biggest mistake of his life by choosing her. He should have chosen someone who cares about the country and not about how much camera time she can get.

Praying that she doesn't get in,
-A. Ryan, 60, Ohio

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nevada Women Say NO

As a registered Republican who voted for George Bush in the last two elections, I cannot wait until the November elections to vote against the McCain/Palin ticket—and to vote for the best and brightest candidate this country has to offer: Mr. Barack Obama! I will NOT vote for John McCain in November, especially because of his choice of Sarah Palin as his Vice-President candidate. After carefully listening to her, my opinion is that she is a narrow-minded, homophobic, undiplomatic, overly ambitious, ignorant woman, who is not worthy, or in any way qualified for this position. She frightens me, and I am deeply disturbed and insulted as a women that she was chosen as a vice-presidential candidate. Of all the intelligent and qualified women in this county, why would we, as women, want to be represented by her?
-Janice A., 55, Carson City, NV

With McCain as old as he is, with the health problems he has, and the immense stress inherent with the office of president of this country, the possibility of Sarah Palin becoming president is very real should the McCain/Palin ticket win the election in November. Palin’s high energy certainly counterbalances McCain’s more somber, vapid demeanor, which may be a key reason she was chosen as well as her ability to attract the ultraconservative religious right. Unfortunately, Alaskan friends I have spoken with consider Palin a loose cannon, intolerant and at times vindictive... While I would love to see a woman in one of our highest political offices, I want it to be because she is very highly qualified to lead our nation and not just because she is female who can attract specific constituencies. We should expect excellent qualifications and sagacious foresight of all the candidates no matter what exterior characteristics they happen to have been born with. Unrealistic? I hope not.
-Adrienne L., Dayton, NV

This candidate is an insult to the struggles of women to close the gap in equal rights.
-Melissa S., Carson City, NV

As a woman and mother, Sarah Palin does not represent my beliefs. I would love a woman as President or V.P., but Sarah Palin is not the one. We need to move forward. With Sarah, we would be moving backwards.
-Debbie N., 47, Henderson, NV

Gov. Palin’s choice as VP candidate represents a move backward 40 years in the fight for women’s equality. She was not chosen for her qualifications, she was chosen to help a older, white, establishment, insider male to further his cause and agenda. She was not chosen for her experience, she was chosen in an attempt to manipulate voters by capitalizing on their true interest in a viable female candidate. She does not support women’s issues in any way, and yet she is being touted as a candidate who should appeal to women. She’s the worst kind of token candidate. If elected, she will set back the cause of gender equity in the US for decades.
-Gale S. Las Vegas, NV

I feel that Sarah Palin is a horrible choice for VP. She has neither the knowledge nor experience for that position. Just because she was a mayor in some small Alaskan town and governor of that same state, she just can't cut it as administrator. We don't need someone with a pretty face, we need someone with genuine experience, not a wannabe. She fails miserably in world affairs and wouldn't have a clue how to handle an all-out war. McCain is also a poor choice for a country leader. Let Palin remain in Alaska.. Wake up America, we don't need the likes of Sarah Palin or her running mate McCain.
-Virginia D, 72., Nevada

First, to support Sarah Palin and John McCain is to place our nation, and consequently the world, at enormous risk by having a person completely lacking in the knowledge, habits of mind, and experience necessary to be the leader of the most powerful nation in the world a heartbeat away from the presidency... Second, to support Sarah Palin would be to support intolerance and hypocrisy. Just one example is that she is anti-choice and she is against gay marriage. Why force babies to be born to mothers who cannot care for them, while at the same time preventing those prevent babies from being adopted by (gay) married couples who would love and care for them. Third, to support Sarah Palin is to say that ego is a highest American value. To support her is to say it is commendable to pursue personal glory despite the effects that pursuit may have on your own children. Her oldest son and daughter are showing the effects of their mother's glory-seeking already; her youngest son must be suffering it now.
-Sarah M., Carson City, NV

She doesn’t represent the best of what women can be. In watching videos or interviews on her, I have still to hear her depart from her “scripted talking points.” She has this reflex, when she doesn’t know the answer, to go around and around pulling her talking points under one “Umbrella.” Which then leads you to say, “What the heck did she just say?” She then compensates when she finds herself pressed against the wall for a specific answer, to a cutesy “I’ll get back to you.” No to Palin—I’ve worked and raised three beautiful children, now all married. We have two beautiful daughters, both of whom have chosen different paths. One with a PHD, teaching at the University level, and the other, University educated, a full-time mother with 6 young kids. They both have spunk, heart and a fierce resolve to make a difference in the world during their lifetime. Palin sends us way back.
-Muni C., 59, Las Vegas, NV

With all of the choices that McCain had to choose from in order to have a sellable candidate to be his running mate, he chose this woman. There are far more qualified women active in Congress, that perhaps even know what the Bush Doctrine is. I am a registered Democrat. I am excited for the CHANGE that Obama and Biden will bring to our country. I am proud to be part of history this November. It is an honor to vote and that is never lost on me. I am fearful that our strong, intelligent and independent female voting public will be swayed by the media and McCain’s negative ads and that they will fall for the ruse and vote for this ridiculous pair.

Even though I am a Democrat, I was compelled by Sarah Palin and I was extremely interested in hearing what she had to say. Even though she wouldn’t have my vote, in a strange way, I wanted to be proud of her. But every time that I have seen her speak, I am always hoping for something brilliant to be said and I am not only disappointed, but as a woman, I am embarrassed with her answers or more accurately, her non answers.
-Deborah W., Nevada Department of Education, Carson City, NV

A Woman From Nevada Says NO

As a working mother (as well as a scientist, a Catholic, and a gun owner), I am completely insulted by the selection of Sarah Palin for Vice President. I know I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for my mother and my grandmother and all of the women who came before me, each of whom fought for my right to vote, my right to an education, better pay for women, better working conditions for women, and our inalienable right to reproductive choice.

Sarah Palin is very determined and has great ambition, both of which are admirable traits when they are combined with respect and humility, but she does not exhibit either of these. Not only has Palin failed to provide recognition of the women throughout history who fought for our rights and made it possible for her to be selected as a Vice-Presidential candidate, but she has continually shown disrespect and contempt for them by taking a political stance that is completely contrary to the success of women in America today and that of future generations. Her entire political platform clings to the notion that women would rather be subordinate to God and country than be empowered and choose their own course.

If Sarah Palin truly represented women she would be fighting for better education (especially science and technology), equal pay for equal work, reproductive choice, healthcare for women and children, and a healthier environment for all. Instead Sarah Palin wants to ban books, teach creationism with evolution, alter sex education, ban abortion (even under the most horrific circumstances), and continue our dependence on fossil fuels.

There are some remarkable women today who have devoted themselves to improving the lives of women throughout the world—and Sarah Palin is not one of them. Whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Republican or Democrat, as women we should not be fooled into supporting someone simply because we share the same chromosomes. I say NO to Sarah Palin for Vice President. And I say no to John McCain who thinks so little of women that he expects us to actually fall for this ploy.
-Jennifer T., 40, Reno, NV

Tax Truth.

We're all very concerned about the economy. Please take two minutes to enter in your information here to see the truth about what you'll save under Obama's tax plan. Both of us are set to save $500 under his plan. What about you? —Lyra & Quinn

Message to McCain

Colorado Women Rally Against Palin — Monday, October 20

Colorado Women Against Palin presents
Road to Obama/Biden Victory Rally!

Join Colorado men and women (and hockey moms!) in support of Obama/Biden in two rallies against Palin, Monday, October 20th!

1. Colorado Springs
Meet at 6:30 am at The Entrance to Security Service Field
4385 Tutt Blvd Colorado Springs- Palin will be speaking at 8:00

2. Loveland
Meet at 10:30 am at the entrance to The Budweiser Events Center
5290 Arena Circle- Palin will be speaking at 10

Please bring signs and American flags if you have them. Palin supporters have been asked to wear red. Please wear white if possible. Bring your t-shirts. Please be cautious when arriving, the rallies for McCain Palin have become very nasty.

Check our site for updates on time!
For more information, contact: Michelle W. 303-513-9589 or

Help us demonstrate how out of touch McCain and Palin are with our economy and American women! Please print and post around your neighborhood and send this to 10 friends. We need everyone who can make it to show their support! It's not over yet!


As a 59-year-old female resident of Golden, Colorado, I am outraged that ANY political party would present a candidate with the deficiencies that Sarah Palin exhibits with the expectation that women would vote for her. It was an irresponsible and dangerous choice to offer our country in a time of political and economic crisis.
-Diane V., 59, Golden, CO

I cannot support a candidate for Vice President who has such a narrow view of a democratic society. She doesn't represent those of us who know our own minds and believe that morals cannot be legislated. I became a woman during the era when it was common to deny women information about contraception and termination of pregnancy. It leads to catastrophic results.
-Teresa J., 60, Loveland, CO

As a mother whose only child is in the military, I am horrified at the possibility of our next president being a person with Palin’s background (or lack thereof). Her beliefs and attitude are truly polarizing, egocentric, and cater to religious extremism. My son and his friends are also scared of her… The leader of our country should be an intelligent, thoughtful, and cautious person who can look at all sides of an issue, listen to people expert in each area, and gather reams of information before making decisions that put our young people at risk of death or maiming for life. I have heard more than I can stand about Sarah’s glasses and shoes and how cute she is. These people obviously do not have children in war… How can we put this person in charge of all the brave men and women who fight for our country? This would be disaster for the country with serious consequences for the world.
-Judy W., 58, Glenwood Springs, CO

The USA is going to have to work hard to rebuild our credibility around the world. If Sarah Palin is our VP, her lack of experience in foreign policy (and her obvious lack of respect and regard for members of other nations) will only take us further down the Bush/Cheney road of arrogance and intolerance. And her ignorance of the threat of global warming is not only terrifying, it is downright dangerous. It's like the Dewar quote, "Minds are like parachutes; they only work when they're open." How can Sarah Palin properly represent a nation as diverse as ours if she believes that we should be censured, deprived, and molded into one neat sound bite?
-Jade M., 35, southwest Colorado

I am definitely against Sarah Palin. I am a middle-class mother and I do not think Sarah Palin has the intelligence, experience, or compassion to lead our country.
-Mimi S., 48, Fort Collins, CO

In the wake of her perceived-by-some win during the recent debate, I must say how empty and slogan-filled I thought it was. She was clearly well-trained, apparently came across to many as articulate and passionate, but had nothing of substance to say that someone hadn't told her to say. I also find her mocking, derisive undertone regarding Obama and Democrats downright offensive. The thought of her possibly being so close to the presidency is appalling to me.
-Robyn J., Denver, CO

Sarah Palin is definitely unqualified to serve as Vice President, and potentially, as President of the United States. John McCain has insulted all Americans by believing that we are going to be impressed by, and elect, a person that reminds us of our next door neighbor. We are a country of intelligent thinkers who will not be fooled by this farce. Shame on McCain for giving us so little credit.
-Teresa B., Gunnison, CO

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Our country has embarrassed itself enough"

I do not support Sarah Palin as candidate for Vice President. Our core values and beliefs differ—she is not "just like me" as she professes to be. She is a working mother with a family to tend to and I believe she does so lovingly and as well as the rest of us. This, however, does not in any way qualify her to hold the VP position for the United States, let alone (shudder) the Presidential post. Our country has embarrassed itself enough over the past eight years. A McCain/Palin victory would simply be an atrocity.
-Wendy B., 43, Montgomery County, MD

Regarding the comment: "As if any woman would do...": With an abundance of women in this country who are highly educated, deeply thoughtful, well prepared to govern, knowledgeable of law and our constitution, not to mention widely respected for their published works which prove all of that, it is utterly inexcusable that one with so many weaknesses would be in the position to take over the presidency of our great country. Say it isn't so. Vote to ensure that we never see the day that we are so severely compromised as a nation.
-Lisa E., 55, Portland, OR

I am a lawyer, a mother and a voter. I view the nomination of Palin for vice-president for the republican ticket as dangerous: it demonstrates disparagement of women, which bodes ill for all the work done by women to remove those laws that existed in the United States declaring women to be chattel, the legal word for property.
-Martha G., Missoula, MT

I am indeed very much against a person such as Sarah Palin for vice president. I have seen nothing to indicate that she has enough intelligence or experience with the U.S. Constitution, and public office, to be in such an office. She is a very fine showgirl and one who is very boisterous and gaudy and not a great example of a woman who is capable of worldwide vision...
-Dian Z., Spokane, WA

"She has succeeded in instilling fear—of her."

I cannot support a person, male or female, who actively engages in such hate mongering that crowds at political rallies are incited to call for someone's death. This is not leadership, nor is it civil discourse upon the pressing issues at hand.
-Barb R., 57, Manzanita, OR

I am a stay-at-home mom of two and I do not support Sarah Palin for VP! I cannot relate to her as a mother or as an intellect! I want someone smarter than me to be in the White House not someone who can talk Hockey!
-Cameron D., 35, Apex, NC

Sarah Palin will not get my vote. She is against women's rights (in many areas), and she spends more money on aerial shoots of wolves and polar bears than for education in Alaska. She is inexperienced and not politically savvy. She is betting on her looks and her soccer mom persona to get votes, but we're smart enough to see through her. NO on McCain and Palin.
-Lori O., 45, Henderson, NV

I find it especially disappointing that Governor Palin has formed an irrational misinformed attack method against Barack Obama that inspires verbal violent responses from her constituents. Especially as there are 14 fine women serving in the United States Senate, both Republican and Democrats, all of whom are admirable public servants. I would think that they would be embarrassed by Sarah Palin as a representative of women in politics.
-Judith J., Walla Walla, WA

I am a 56-year-old Caucasian woman living in southeast PA. I find it interesting that the public embraces a female politician who is "flirty and cute", but rejects a woman who stands up for what she believes in in a more "masculine" way, like Hillary Clinton. Sexism is truly rampant. In addition to her desire to send women's rights back to the stone age, Palin's most disturbing trait of late is the fear and mob mentality she is encouraging toward Barack Obama. It is dangerous and wrong and shows her lack of integrity. She has succeeded in instilling fear—of her!
-Virginia, Southeast Pennsylvania

Monday, October 13, 2008

"She has used her office for personal vendetta"

I would never vote for this woman for any office ever. She is ignorant, uninformed and dangerous to America—especially women. She would take our hard fought freedom of choice and destroy our environment. And for what she has done to the wolves and bears of Alaska, she should rot… I will do everything in my power to see that she is not elected as vice president.
-Beverly G., Dripping Springs, TX

Sarah Palin, the republican VP choice, is unqualified for the position of vice-president. Her plans for a Palin vice-presidency are even tougher and broader than those of Dick Cheney. The thought that her ambitions might come true is frightening! It is apparent that the truth means little to her ambition.
-Elaine F., Bonita Springs, FL

Sarah Palin is embarrassingly ill prepared for such an appointment. Furthermore, it reflects very badly on McCain to have chosen her, he whose slogan is "Country First" …
-Anita H., Washington, DC

I was shocked at her selection. As a woman who has benefited from the progress of the last decades, I couldn't imagine her archaic, shortsighted views being in a position of power. She has every right to believe her narrow-minded thoughts—though not to take the resources of Alaska down with her—but a potential leader needs to be open to learning, science, truth, discussion, contemplation, maybe even different viewpoints, and to a viable future for all!
-Janis B., 47, Port Angeles, WA

The views and ideas and words of Sarah Palin do not represent any person for whom I would vote. Hearing the response to her speeches and the manner in which she is drawing out the ugly feelings of other US citizens reinforces my idea she is not a person I would trust to be in leadership. Her views of the world and how it works are diametrically opposed to mine. Her view of the world, our planet and our country is based on thinking that is limiting and divisive. I do not want to see her in a position of global power. I will not vote for such a person.
-Susan D., Eugene, OR

I am against Sarah Palin running as VP because she is not qualified. We don't need someone who is needs on-the-job training as VP. She has blurred the lines of church and state in Alaska and used her office for personal vendetta. She may not have broken any laws, but morally she has broken the laws of love and forgiveness in the bible, a book she's supposed to have read. Maybe she hasn't read it either. She doesn't seem to read any other literature.
-Sara C., 51, California

The biggest reason I fear Sarah Palin (and John McCain as well) is lack of good judgment.
-Beverly A., 78, Fort Worth, TX

A Woman Says NO to Palin's Ethics Violations

I wasn't going to write to you again, because I truly thought I had exhausted my outrage over Sarah Palin's behavior. Her terrible policy positions, lack of qualifications (and total oblivious disregard of that fact), her lack of intellectual curiosity, her abhorrent behavior on the campaign trail—I had become, I confess, somewhat numb to it all. And then they released the Troopergate report, and Palin and the McCain camp tried to spin it as some vindication of her. Are they kidding me? Sure, under Alaska law she had the right to fire Walt Monegan for no reason whatsoever, since he was an at-will employee, but how in the world does that justify the campaign of harassment against Trooper Wooten?

According to the report, it doesn't. She was found to be in violation of the ethics statute. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that it should be self-evident that one cannot use a position of power to advance your own interests, whether that is to put money in your own pocket, give jobs to your friends over other better-qualified people, or to punish your enemies. Sarah Palin may not have succeeded in getting her former brother-in-law fired, but she certainly tried her hardest, after being warned many times that her efforts could result in professional embarrassment for her and a lawsuit against the state. Lack of success does not make this any less of an ethical violation.

When you pair this with her recent inflammatory statements on the campaign trail, whipping up fear and hate, it is very clear that she has no interest in serving the greater good of this country. She will happily shout "fire!" in a crowded theater if it will get her votes, and she will deliberately use whatever power she has to advance her own agenda, regardless of the consequences for anyone else. So I guess my outrage isn't gone, and it won't be gone until she is headed back to Alaska for good on November 5th. Please, please help me make that a reality!

-Jennifer B., 36, Sherman Oaks, CA

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A "Non-Racist Reason to be Racist"

I am an African American woman who is totally appalled at the fact that such an incompetent candidate could even be considered for an office as high as Governor, more so Vice President. She stands against all those things that we as woman have fought so hard to attain. For Palin to receive the support she has, proves to me that "race" is a major issue in this campaign, and the people who see her as a viable candidate are desperate to find a "non-racist reason to be be racist."
-Mildred G., 50, OH

I am a supporter of Barack Obama, but consider myself an independent. I am frightened by the level of out right hatred and dangerous politics that has been started by the McCain/Palin ticket and inciting their most rabid followers. I feel that it is the beauty of America to be able to disagree, yet come together to solve our problems. This type of smear campaign goes beyond being a bad leader, it really overturns the rock of ignorance that unfortunately still exists in this country. I am very scared that with everyone already on edge over their own pocketbooks, that this type of behavior will result in violence that we won't be able to stop. Thank you for proving to me that there are responsible Republicans/Conservatives who are able to be rational thinkers and work with people like me to improve our situation together.
-Laura S., MN

The cry of hate and fear mongering coming from the Palin/McCain campaign is against everything I stand for. How can any woman who claims to be a Christian church member spread such lies and false innuendos about Barack Obama? Sarah Palin may or may not understand that she is playing with fire when she tells audiences that Obama pals around with terrorists. I seriously wonder about the common sense of the people who sit and listen to this hateful language and don't get up and leave.
Sarah Palin is the DANGEROUS candidate in this race, not Barack Obama. And John McCain has no conscience or morality since he is allowing this festering situation to continue.
-Joan S., San Diego, CA

Sarah Palin is attacking Obama and spreading lies about his so-called dealings with terrorists. I don’t know how you can say that you don’t play the political game, and then spread these horrible racist lies.
-Christian, NC

McCain supporters have been spoon-fed hatred and fear and now, in these rallies, McCain is faced with the monster he has created. I saw one woman, who said she feared Obama because he was an Arab, seek comfort for her confusion when McCain softly told her that he was not an Arab. There have been hateful and violent calls against Barack Obama in these Republican rallies when NOW is the time America so deeply needs to operate with strength, intelligence, wisdom, respect and dignity. The puppetry of Sarah Palin needs a new puppetmaster. Senator McCain? Please let go of your "win at any cost" tactics and treat those who love and follow you with your wisdom and dignity as a great American. If you cannot win based upon intelligence and your love of country, at least you can finish with self-respect and that you have not further pumped your people with hatred, fear and terror. We don't need hate-filled Americans feeling so much misinformed fear that they physically strike out against another human being. Please.
-Heather C., 56, CA

Yesterday my OBAMA yard sign was knocked down. This was my personal property posted on my property. This has never happened in all the years I have proudly shown my political affiliations. I will replace it! But feel this small act was indicative of something much larger.
During a time of national and world crisis and war wagering we have a candidate and his running mate who have chosen to be so divisive, devious and desperate as to indicate that his opposition is a terrorist, of questionable nationality, religion and patriotism. And they wonder why the crazies are coming out of the woodwork?
They are purposefully inciting horrible reactions!
-Mary P.

This is an historic election in our country; we have the opportunity to elect an extremely intelligent, dynamic, motivational leader, who just happens to be African-American, to guide us through these challenging and turbulent times. We must recognize, however, that this candidate is at a special risk because there are many in our society who are not ready to accept this monumental change. For Sarah Palin and John McCain to stoke these hatreds at their political rallies is unconscionable.
-Suzanne, 62

Rather than coming forth with viable solutions to the issues of most importance that are related to the floundering economy, health care, and the Iraq war - Palin and McCain are choosing to cloud the issue and muddy the waters solely because they have no creative solutions, nor have they been able to come up with a clear agenda related to how we can begin to move forward from the abysmal situation that has been brought about from the last eight years.
I blame John McCain for not stepping forth to STOP Palin's vitriotic outburst and say, "No more! This has NO place in a decent, respectful America". He is failing himself and his party when he tolerates this unpatriotic and destructive political tactic. I, for one, have lost total respect for any of McCain's prior heroic feats as a war veteran and a prisoner of war. It is becoming ever more obvious to me that he is truly motivated not by a sense duty toward his country, but seems motivated solely by arrogance and an ever-increasing sense of subtle intolerance and bias toward his opponent.
-Lois A.

Letter to Palin from a Concerned Mother

Dear Sarah,

I'm raising my daughter to be a woman of tolerance, compassion, strength, and moral character. Your latest smear campaign against Senator Obama is simply demoralizing and disgusting. As a woman, you are responsible for the image you choose to project to our youth. Hate, mixed with a proclivity for violence are things I do not wish to for my daughter to witness in a leader. We want change, not school yard bullying. Our country needs a steady hand, not fear and panic. You call yourself a maverick, yet you offer no solutions to the very serious problems our country faces. You had a moment the other day at your rally to cast off intolerance and hate, yet you did not speak out against it. What else would you allow as a leader?

-Tabatha R., Montana

Friday, October 10, 2008

American Workers Say NO To McCain/Palin Hate

"The head of the nation's biggest labor federation is joining the chorus of voices warning about the increasingly angry crowds coming to John McCain's campaign events...

'Sen. John McCain, Gov. Sarah Palin, and the leadership of the Republican party have a fundamental moral responsibility to denounce the violent rhetoric that has pervaded recent McCain and Palin political ralllies,' said John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, which has endorsed Obama. 'When rally attendees shout out such attacks as terrorist or kill him about Sen. Barack Obama, when they are cheered on by crowds incited by McCain/Palin rhetoric—it is chilling that McCain and Palin do nothing to object.

'In a world where unspeakable violence is too often promulgated by extremists, it is no small or trivial matter to call someone a terrorist—or to incite potentially dangerous individuals toward violence. John McCain, Sarah Palin, and the Republican leaders are walking a very thin line in pretending not to hear the hateful invective spewed at their rallies. McCain should end this line of attack in the strongest possible terms. Anything less puts McCain in the same camp as the racists and extremists who are bringing their angry rhetoric to his campaign events."

For the entire article, go here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Independent Woman Says NO to Palin's Smear Tactics

I was appalled on Monday, October 6, when at the rally in Clearwater, Florida, Sarah Palin again accused Obama of condoning terrorists and "palling around with terrorists." A member of her audience quite clearly said "Kill him!" Yet "Pro-life" Palin did not pause to chastise this horrible outburst. As a human being—not matter how foolish or unschooled or unqualified I find Sarah Palin—I expected her to sieze that moment for greatness and rightness and set the record straight. Her not speaking out right then against such a despicable comment shows not only that this woman cannot lead, but that she condones violence toward people who disagree with her—and at the least, has no clue how to take a stand for what is right. How sad! I have been watching her, and smirking a little over her ridiculous gaffes, and her obvious lack of understanding of the most basic global issues. I have understood that her ignorance is dangerous—but that one rally and that single missed opportunity on her part to do right has focused my attention to the fact that this woman is a detriment to us all. God help us if voters do not make it clear in November that NEVER AGAIN will we tolerate such blunt idiocy in the White House.
–Jean H., Independent, Brutus, MI

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Women Say NO to McCain/Palin Smear Campaign

Sarah Palin's smear tactics do not represent me because I am a thinking woman. When I present myself for a job or for office, I present why I am the best person for the job. I explain why you need me. It is a waste of my time and yours for me to go on about why the other guy is bad—why the other guy is bad has no bearing on how good I am. It is completely irrelevant. What Mrs Palin's mudslinging strategy does is show us that because she has so little to offer, she has to resort to the lowest tactics of all to win the race. She can't tell us why she is fit, because she's not fit. She can't tell us about her excellent ideas for the economy, immigration, crime, world peace, etc, because she has none. Her only option to win this race is to kneecap the other guy. I only hope that my compatriots will see through the lies spewed forth by Mrs Palin. McCain deserves to lose for his misjudgment in adding this woman to his ticket.
-Nancy U., 44

Sarah Plain is the most abysmal example of what it means to be a Christian and is an insult to all true Christians everywhere. Since when does following Jesus's teachings include fear-mongering, character assassination, spreading smears, rumors, gossip, distortions and denigrations or being downright snide? Isn't she violating the 9th of God's 10 Commandments by bearing false witness in her rants against Sen. Obama and insinuations that he's a terrorist? As well as the 6th Commandment, by aiding and abetting the killing of others via her support of the death penalty and advocacy of war in which babies, pregnant women and other innocents are killed in bombing raids and become what the Palins of the world euphemistically call 'collateral damage'? Real pro-lifers care about more than just the pre-born in the US. I haven't seen or heard anything from or about this woman that reflects or indicates that she cares about anything that resembles following Christ or Christian principals.

Moreover, Palin hauls out scare tactics about a University of Chicago—certainly no bastion of left-leaning liberals or anarchists—professor and community stalwart who advocated anarchy 30 years before he became acquainted with Sen. Obama. Obama was only 8 years old at the time. Following Palin's logic, every member of Congress could be smeared by their association with Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who was once a member of that terrorist organization, the KKK.
-JR H., Milwaukee, WI

I think the attitude that the McCain/Palin campaign has taken is appalling. To attack Barack Obama's character only shows how narrow-minded, desperate and, dare I say, bigoted they really are... To launch a smear campaign this late in the game is a cheap way to gain votes. Most of the people whom I have talked to, including conservatives from middle America, say they are insulted by the McCain camp's generalizations of American citizens, and the re-hashing of false statements about Obama. Obama and Biden are the real thing, and have proven it time and again with their grace, poise, intelligence and real care about people in this country. Sarah Palin and John McCain, on the other hand, are so self-involved that they are obviously trying to do anything they can to make up the difference in the polls. Be smart, USA.
-Jessica T. 27, New York

I have already contributed to the "Women Say No To Palin" blog, but I feel a need to speak out again against the McCain/Palin ticket. However, I am not sure that words can express the proper feelings I have towards the current "by any means necessary" direction their campaign is pursuing. I recently moved to Europe to teach English for a year, at a high school in northeastern France. It has been incredibly eye-opening to see how this part of the world is reacting to the American elections. This latest form of attack from John McCain and Sarah Palin is not only disgusting; it is completely disheartening. To criticize and attack one's voting record or policies is one thing, but to personally demean someone is low and completely wrong. I fear the future of America if these tactics work. What does it say about us as a nation if all one has to do to become our leader is lie and name-call his or her opponent? It would be this reflection of our society that the rest of the world would see. A McCain/Palin ticket would be the worst kind of change for our country, leading it down a path of more hatred and intolerance. I want to live in a country where we embrace the differences in others because that is what made America so great. These smears do the exact opposite and in no way reflect myself, my family, my friends and countless other Americans across the country and the world.
-Melissa H., 23, France

Sarah Palin alarms me when she speaks. I don’t know if what they say about her is true or not, nor do I care. She strikes me as a women who gets what she wants (a real go getter and good for her) just not at the expense and exclusion of others' concerns (a female George Bush - my way or the highway). Although I like the idea of her, she clearly is not ready to be the next Vice President, and most certainly not President and Commander-in-Chief of these United States were John McCain to die while in office. On other matters, she is not a woman I would want to represent me on women's issues. Quite frankly, the Bush/Cheney legacy will be enough to deal with for the next President of the United States, and we don't need any more years of this administration continued in thought or deed.
-Jennifer M., (old enough), Hoboken, NJ

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Will Women Say NO to the McCain/Palin Smear Campaign?

Dear Readers,

When we started this website, we made a conscious decision to keep its space primarily as a forum for your voices—the voices of American women across this country who are rising up against the candidacy of Gov. Sarah Palin for Vice-President. However, we feel that this past week's events warranted a new call to arms, from us to you.

Ms. Palin recently advised Senator John McCain to “take the gloves off.” By which she means that he should stop talking about the failing economy, the war in Iraq, the health care crisis, and other issues of great importance to Americans, and start bashing Senator Barack Obama personally. With no regard for the truth of her accusations, she has begun engaging in just this kind of character assassination—or as she stated of herself, "The heels are on, the gloves are off ... until Election Day, it may get kind of rough." McCain has decided to do the same—if not in last night's debate—then on his campaign trail.

As the New York Times, among many other American newspapers, reported yesterday:

"Mr. McCain made clear on Monday that he wanted to make the final month of the race a referendum on Mr. Obama’s character, background and leadership—a polite way of saying he intends to attack him on all fronts and create or reinforce doubts about him among as many voters as possible."

This is a desperate last bid for the American presidency by the McCain/Palin ticket, one based on lies and a blatant disregard for the intelligence of the American people. To our mind, such smear campaigns—which have been a specialty of the Bush-Rove years, one that we would very much like to see disappear—degrade this country and its citizens. For a self-proclaimed Washington outsider, Ms. Palin is sure adept at playing its least endearing games.

To this end, we ask that you write to us at

Tell us why McCain and Palin's new campaign tactics—and the
hate-filled invective that their recent campaign rallies have promoted—do not represent you, or the America that you would wish for yourself and your children.


The Eds.

Monday, October 6, 2008

National Organization for Women Supports Obama

National Organization for Women PAC Endorses Obama-Biden

Chair, National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (NOW PAC)

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce today, on behalf of the nation's oldest and largest women's rights organization, that the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (NOW PAC) proudly endorses Sen. Barack Obama for President of the United States.

It is no coincidence that I am joined in this announcement by so many allied organizations that collectively represent a broad and diverse cross-section of U.S. women. From teachers to social workers, from business owners to college students, women in this country are lining up behind the candidate who is out there every day standing up -- clearly and consistently -- for women. Women of all ages, races and ethnicities are coming together in support of Sen. Obama and his pledge to fulfill this country's promise of equal opportunity for our daughters as well as our sons.

Although it is very unusual for us to endorse in a presidential election, this is an unprecedented candidate and an unprecedented time for our country. The NOW PAC reviewed Sen. Obama's record and public statements on issues that disproportionately affect the women of this nation, and I spoke with him at length about his commitment to women's equality. For example:

On pay equity. Sen. Obama is a co-sponsor of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act, legislation to end wage discrimination against women.

On reproductive rights. Sen. Obama is a co-sponsor of the Prevention First Act, to strengthen access to contraception and reproductive health care, and prevent unwanted pregnancies. He strongly supports Roe v. Wade and will oppose any efforts to overturn it.

On violence against women. Sen. Obama supports the continued reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act -- of which Sen. Joe Biden is the chief sponsor -- as well as the Security and Financial Empowerment (SAFE) Act, which is legislation to provide legal, medical and financial support to victims of domestic violence.

On the Supreme Court. Sen. Obama opposed the nominations of George Bush's extreme right-wing nominees to the Supreme Court, who have consistently ruled against women's rights,

For more than a decade, Barack Obama has said "yes" to women's rights, while John McCain has consistently said "no" - NO to pay equity, NO to contraceptive access and reproductive rights, NO to appointing Supreme Court judges who will uphold women's rights and civil rights, NO to funding shelters and other anti-violence programs, and NO to supporting working moms and dads with policies that support work/life balance.

NOW supported Sen. Hillary Clinton in the primary, and now we join with her in saying "NO" -- No Way, No How, No McCain! And we proudly stand arm-in-arm with her in putting our hopes and our dreams, our hard work and our hard-earned money, behind the next President of the United States -- Barack Obama, and his running mate, longtime friend and ally of women, Sen. Joe Biden.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The VP Debate: The Reviews Are In

"She wasn’t present. She wasn’t real. She was Sally Sound-byte. This debate was more revealing than the Presidential one last week because it became very clear that she simply doesn’t have the substance to be VP much less President which reflects badly on John McCain's judgment. Obama will crush McCain. Said that months ago. Truer than ever."
-Diane Francis, National Post

"For her part, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin–speaking with the programmed cadence of a GPS navigation system—used forced folksiness to deliver crammed material in the manner of a high schooler looking to score a good grade on a Spanish test. The kid may escape with a B-minus, but he wouldn’t be able to order a cup of coffee in Spain a week later."
-Dougas Burns, Iowa Independent

"Sarah Palin's high-energy performance in the vice-presidential debate was the most glaring demonstration—since George W. Bush's performances in 2000—of how little you can get away with knowing and still survive one of these things, especially if the rules limit the cross-examination as severely as they did in this debate. Her relentless opacity was impressive. She refused to answer the questions where she hadn't been prepped with answers and when Biden pointed out that an early question had been on deregulation not taxes, she flashed: 'I may not answer the questions the way you and the moderator want to hear, but I'm gonna talk straight to the American people.' Talk straight she didn't, with only a few exceptions. She talked talking points. And when the talking points concerned areas where she didn't know diddly, she didn't talk them very convincingly. Indeed, there were times I got the distinct impression that she didn't understand the points she was talking about (on the vice president's constitutional powers, for example)."
-Joe Klein, Time

"She might have undone whatever good will she earned with her 'aw, shucks' Wasilla hockey mom ways, though, when she utterly failed to react after Biden choked up while discussing the death of his first wife and their daughter. Palin's response was ice cold: 'People aren't looking for more of the same. They are looking for change. And John McCain has been the consummate maverick in the Senate over all these years.'"
-Mike Madden,

"You can say this about Sarah Palin: She did better debating Joe Biden than she did being interviewed by Katie Couric. But that sets the bar very low indeed. So let's pay Palin the respect of treating her exactly as a male candidate would be treated. And that means saying this: She was simply nowhere near as good as Joe Biden."
-Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe

"To the contrary, it is hard to count any objective measures by which Biden did not clearly win the encounter. She looked like she trying to get people to take her seriously. He looked like he was running for vice president. His answers were more responsive to the questions, far more detailed and less rhetorical. On at least ten occasions, Palin gave answers that were nonspecific, completely generic, pivoted away from the question at hand, or simply ignored it: on global warming, an Iraq exit strategy, Iran and Pakistan, Iranian diplomacy, Israel-Palestine (and a follow-up), the nuclear trigger, interventionism, Cheney's vice presidency and her own greatest weakness."
-John F. Harris and Mike Allen, Politico

For more reactions, go to Daily Kos's great round-up here.

American Women Respond to the VP Debate

She's good at memorizing lines after five weeks of intensive coaching, and delivering them with adequate doses of down-home warmth or arrogant sarcasm. That makes for a decent actress, not a world leader.
-Cheryl D., Houston, TX

She's bought her own PR and really does think she's ready for a role in government of that level. And that takes an extreme amount of arrogance.
So for this ticket, we have an angry, irritable, cancer-prone presidential nominee and an arrogant, egotistical, barely educated woman who won't blink when faced with a crisis. Perhaps it's the intellectual in me, but I'd rather have someone willing to use reason and negotiation as their first defense and not their last. McCain and Palin are both a little too trigger-happy for me. And no matter what their campaign is trying to convince us all of, we would only be in for another 4 years of the same failed policies of the current administration. I've had enough of that to last a lifetime.
-Charlotte T., Independent, Anchorage, Alaska

The thought of Palin directing foreign policy and diplomacy efforts based on her Wasilla experiences is, frankly, frightening. She may as well be wearing a sign that says, "I plan to be a puppet, since I do not really know about this stuff."
-Kathy A., CA

Sarah Palin is not ready for either VP or in line to be President. She showed that tonight by repeating her talking points and not responding to Gwen Ifill's questions. Her phrase she "has only been on this for 5 weeks" says it all.
-Elizabeth K.

I just can't imagine Sarah Palin in a national office. It's almost insulting to have her running for high office. She's provincial, misinformed and stubborn. Her views—after tutoring—are not worldly.
Good luck to Joe Biden, who seemed quite presidential himself.
-June K., Chapel Hill, NC

First, I should say that I'm a Republican turned Democrat. I was impressed to see Palin successfully work to improve her image... sort of. At one point near the end she said something to the effect of, "It is nice to speak directly to the American people instead of having the media's filter in-between." (or something to that effect). So, I do believe that she successfully improved the general perception of her readiness for the VP office.

That said, I still believe that her expertise in the oil industry does not make up for her lack of foreign policy (and general) experience. On a few occasions she tried to sound like an "average person" by distancing herself from Washington. She said something similar to, "I may not answer the questions the way you would want me to in Washington..." and she also said something about "only having been at this for five weeks." So ultimately, she was validating her own lack of experience during those times when she tried to connect to the public. I guess she proved that she wasn't a babbling moron, but she did evidence her lack of experience. She also avoided answering many questions from the moderator, so she also proved herself as a true politician.

Biden, on the other hand, seemed very comfortable up there, answered all questions except for one (I think), and exuded a feeling of experience. Palin did her best to anger him with some pretty cheap shots (too many to list!), but he didn't take the bait. I was very impressed to see his self control. It gave me more confidence that he can keep his passion in check when need be. Frankly, I think he "won" this debate the moment he started in with the fact that just because he is a man, it doesn't mean he doesn't know what it's like to be a single parent who is worried whether their kid is going to make it. I have no idea if his tear was crocodile or genuine, but the words FINALLY reversed the double standard of the primary caregiver. He took the whole issue of her being special because she is a soccer mom, and flipped it on its head. It made HIM look special to be a single parent. I practically jumped up and down at that exchange.

Palin improved her image but could not prove her readiness to lead (the experience issue is too factual to talk around). I do not think it will be enough to help the McCain ticket out of its current slide, but at least she won't be as much of a liability. The "maverick" is going to have to do the rest on his own.
-Adrienne D., Cincinnati, OH

After the VP Debate

The New York Times Opinion page published an editorial after the VP debate last night. We think it is notable for two reasons: one, for for the truth it expresses about the debate and Ms. Palin's performance; and, two, for the words in which it expresses that truth. Its language so closely resembles the very words that American women have been writing to us this past month, that we thought it well worth quoting here:

We cannot recall when there were lower expectations for a candidate than the ones that preceded Sarah Palin’s appearance in Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate with Joseph Biden. After a series of stumbling interviews that raised serious doubts even among conservatives about her fitness to serve as vice president, Ms. Palin had to do little more than say one or two sensible things and avoid an election-defining gaffe.

By that standard, but only by that standard, the governor of Alaska did well. But Ms. Palin never really got beyond her talking points in 90 minutes, mostly repeating clichés and tired attack lines and energetically refusing to answer far too many questions....

...In the end, the debate did not change the essential truth of Ms. Palin’s candidacy: Mr. McCain made a wildly irresponsible choice that shattered the image he created for himself as the honest, seasoned, experienced man of principle and judgment. It was either an act of incredible cynicism or appallingly bad judgment."

Sound familiar? We thank you for sharing your own opinion of the McCain/Palin ticket with us, and we join you in trying to ensure their very necessary defeat this November.

The Eds.