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Prominent conservative columnist and former Palin supporter Kathleen Parker called for Sarah Palin to resign from the Republican ticket. Even a conservative columnist and former Palin supporter is saying it: Palin is far from Vice-Presidential material. Can you sign our petition asking her to resign? Full petition statement:

Governor Palin, for the good of the country, please step down as John McCain's running mate.

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Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving."

—Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"And I am especially proud to say in the week we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage [that she is] a devoted, a devoted wife and mother of five."
—John McCain introducing Sarah Palin

"If this doesn't resonate with every woman in America, I'll eat my hat."
—Alaska delegate Bill Noll on Sarah Palin

Dear Bill, get ready to eat your hat. —The Eds.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

With the VP Debate Hours Away, American Women Say NO

I seek a healthy debate between qualified, capable leaders. I tend to lean towards a Democratic ticket, but I always listen to what candidates have to say before casting my vote. The problem is, Palin is not speaking! She's had nothing to say of any depth or substance. And she has made a complete fool of herself and her party through this last round of interviews. God help her through this week's debate, or better yet, may God convince her that she's in way over her head and lead her to withdraw from the race. Shame on McCain for this desperate attempt to woo women voters to his side. I would call the Couric interview...KARMA!
-Tanya M., 43, San Antonio, TX

I am a Republican woman, and here is why Sarah Palin does not represent me: I am a small business owner and believe in equal pay for equal work for my employees. I am an avid reader and thank God for the first amendment and my freedom to read. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe that education is the key to understanding and good decision making. I believe that Christianity teaches love and tolerance. I believe in sex education and in teaching teenagers about how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I believe in dinosaurs. I believe that if weren't for community organizers like Susan B. Anthony that Sarah Palin would not be a vice presidential candidate; if not for Martin Luther King, Barack Obama would not be a presidentail candidate; and if not for Paul Revere, no American would celebrate the freedoms we own. I am patriotic, proud of and knowledgeable about our country's history. I am a believer in our constitution. I do not see any of these qualities or beliefs in Sarah Palin.
-Carol M., 48, Calistoga, CA

Sarah Palin's political views and positions are a travesty and an anathema. She shows little innate intelligence, which is why the Republican campaign is keeping her away from the press. She is heavily coached and has no personal knowledge of any important issues facing America today. I saw her give a speech in person last week. She read it word for word from three teleprompters. If Joe Biden wants to win the Vice Presidential debate this week, all he has to do is stay quiet and let Sarah Palin express her parroted and confused views on the issues facing the American people.
-Bonnie C., Lady Lake, FL

I am embarrassed for Sarah Palin to be thrown into the arena of major politics without the experience needed for the second-highest office in our country. She is the laughing stock around the world for the ignorant comments that she has made thus far. The VP debate will help tell the tale. What was the Republican Party thinking?!
-Marjorie L., 68, Kauai, HI

The nomination of this patently unqualified woman is an insult to all women and purely for McCain's political ends—and she has been set up by her handlers to look ridiculous in the interviews she has given so far. Can you imagine what the Vice Presidential debate will be like? Some blogger said he would bring popcorn! If McCain wanted a Republican woman there are a several who are far more qualified…
- Isabel G.

I am a 53-year-old white woman who supported Hilary Clinton in her run but switched to Obama when I felt he could unite this country better than Hilary. Now we have Sarah Palin as a potential VP. Her lack of grasp on issues is of great concern to me, as evident in her unscripted interview with Katie Couric. I am dismayed the VP debate scheduled this week is allowing the questions to be submitted in advance to the candidates. I don't believe it's fair to try and catch them off guard, but they should both be well versed and have a firm understanding of today's issues. I want to know what their gut feeling is, not what their handlers tell them to say. It's an insult to the intelligence of women to have someone as qualified as Hilary Clinton a potential President and move on to the possibility of Sarah Palin as a representative of our nation. She doesn't represent anything I believe in, mainly, true democracy and freedom from big government, education based on fact not faith based, uniting all races and cultures, securing our country through diplomacy, and making the US become something more than "arrogant" in the world's eyes. Count me in as someone who is truly scared by the prospect of Sarah as VP. How could we continue to go so low after eight years of Bush?
-Elizabeth B., 53

I was planning to vote for John McCain, but now I cannot. Sarah Palin is against everything I am for, and for everything that I am against. I can't wait until the vice-presidential debate… when she can't think of an answer, a lie will likely do.
-Sharon W.

This woman is an embarrassment to the whole country, let alone women. She has little education and experience to handle or understand affairs of state. She is said to be very popular in her state, and that's just where she belongs. In local politics. To have her in the White House, even in the cabinet, would make our country the laughing stock of the world at large. Hopefully her debate with Biden will show what she is made of…
-J. L., San Diego, CA