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Prominent conservative columnist and former Palin supporter Kathleen Parker called for Sarah Palin to resign from the Republican ticket. Even a conservative columnist and former Palin supporter is saying it: Palin is far from Vice-Presidential material. Can you sign our petition asking her to resign? Full petition statement:

Governor Palin, for the good of the country, please step down as John McCain's running mate.

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Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving."

—Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"And I am especially proud to say in the week we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage [that she is] a devoted, a devoted wife and mother of five."
—John McCain introducing Sarah Palin

"If this doesn't resonate with every woman in America, I'll eat my hat."
—Alaska delegate Bill Noll on Sarah Palin

Dear Bill, get ready to eat your hat. —The Eds.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Letter to Palin from a Concerned Mother

Dear Sarah,

I'm raising my daughter to be a woman of tolerance, compassion, strength, and moral character. Your latest smear campaign against Senator Obama is simply demoralizing and disgusting. As a woman, you are responsible for the image you choose to project to our youth. Hate, mixed with a proclivity for violence are things I do not wish to for my daughter to witness in a leader. We want change, not school yard bullying. Our country needs a steady hand, not fear and panic. You call yourself a maverick, yet you offer no solutions to the very serious problems our country faces. You had a moment the other day at your rally to cast off intolerance and hate, yet you did not speak out against it. What else would you allow as a leader?

-Tabatha R., Montana